This is a Golf Club like no other. 
Our home course is The South Buckinghamshire Golf Course, which belongs to a charity

and is operated by Buckinghamshire Council.

A fantastic value for money 18 hole par 70 parkland course in the Green Belt west of London. 

The Club shares the name and the logo with the course, but we are independent. Hence we can fully focus on members and golf related events, without having to deal with green keeping, club house management and catering. As a result, we pride ourselves to offer the most versatile and interesting selection of events, a great choice of entertainment for the members all year round.

The SBGC is entirely run by its members with no professional staff or owners on board. This allows the members to freely determine the way the club goes and also results in extremely affordable membership fees.
If you like an uncomplicated atmosphere in a countryside club, a good variety of games and social events, playing with open minded friends, and expect things to be well organised, look no further.

The SBGC is your place to settle.